LIFT’S MISSION:  Equipping and Encouraging Leaders in Women’s Ministry

LIFT’s theme for 2016:  Leading With Love

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other . . . .”  1 Peter 4:8  

What does it look like to show deep love for each other in ministry?  Each LIFT event of 2016 will be focusing on a different aspect of ministry and how the fervent love we’re called to give impacts our ministries, ourselves, and the women we serve.  Peter calls it “most important of all.”  Has showing love been your first priority in life and ministry?  Schedule these events into your calendar and give yourself the gift of a day with LIFT.

Mark your calendar for our next event:

November 11, 2016:  Keeping Your First Love with Debbie Stuart, Director of Ministry Initiatives

Debbie Stuart is on fire … to draw women into the Word of God and equip them to become powerful influencers in their families and communities. “I am convinced that finding, believing, and pursuing God’s plan and purpose for our lives at all cost is worth any sacrifice.”

Debbie brings a wealth of ministry and leadership experience. She has served as Director of Church and Leadership Development for Women of Faith, served as Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas for 10 years and Willow Point Baptist Church for 10 years. Debbie has been a National Women’s Ministry Trainer for LifeWay Christian Resources for 17 years. She is the author of 20 Minutes a Day for the Rest of Your Life and 20 Lessons Learned from 20 Minutes a Day.

Honoring decades of excellence in women’s ministries, ProvenWay Ministries honored Debbie as the 2011 recipient of the Shining Star Award, which recognizes Outstanding Women in Leadership. She was also awarded the 2015 Woman of the Word award by Salem Communications and nominated for the Women of Excellence award in 2016.

Debbie is deeply burdened for those behind bars and offers “Day of Hope” to bring biblical hope and practical help to incarcerated women through the Hope For The Heart prison ministry. She is a retreat speaker and a Bible teacher. Debbie lives in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, John Mark. They have two grown children and a grandson.


All LIFT events for 2016 are on Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Each one includes speakers, breakout sessions, networking, and much more, plus lunch.  Events are free for members (membership is just $40 for the whole year), and $20 per event for non-members.  Lock in your savings and show your support for LIFT–get your 2016 membership here.


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