It was a fabulous first event of 2011—

  • The long line of tables filled with a variety of resources from women in Christian ministry.
  • Wonderful refreshments provided by Calvary Community Church in their beautiful atrium.
  • Women in deep discussion around the tables, sharing their thoughts about what God is leading them into in 2011.
  • A thoughtful, heart-tugging “meet the team” moment as Jennifer shared her excitement to be part of the LIFT planning team.
  • Soul-stirring worship, praising the name of our Savior.
  • Dr. Alice Mathews, with her “professor” hat on, teaching about the history of Christian women’s ministries through the years, and drawing us forward into the exciting conclusion:  Yes, times are changing, and what women are looking for in Christian women’s ministries are authenticity and pathways to spiritual growth.
  • Mingling and sharing, hugs and laughter, prayer and praise.

Our 2011 theme for LIFT is TIME.  “…who knows but that you have come to this position for such a TIME as this.“  Esther 4:14.  If you were at this first 2011 LIFT meeting, I’m sure you came away blessed and encouraged.  If you missed it, don’t let the next one sneak by you.

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