As the newest member of the LIFT leadership team I have been privileged to be a part of the LIFT planning meetings for the last two months.  What a joy it is to see the hearts of these women, working behind the scenes and planning events in order to bless other members.  They truly do have a heart for God and for you.

Take the February 11 meeting, for example.  The discussion around the table as we planned for the event, “Time to Bless Our Members”, was fun to watch—one idea building on another as the details and schedule unfolded.  So it was exciting for me to witness the real thing and see how everything worked out.

It was wonderful—all of it.  From the decorations and favors on the table, the vintage handkerchiefs inserted into “bless-you” notes, the mingling of women during table topics discussions, the incredible desserts provided by Trinity Bible Church, to the inspiring presentation by Catherine Martin.

I arrived at the event after a long day and a stressful drive, but the tension and cares of the day dropped away, and I truly was blessed by the event.  If you were there I hope you felt the same blessing.  If you missed it, I’m sorry.

Our speaker, Catherine Martin did an outstanding job of sharing how critical it is for every woman to have a personal quiet time with God on a daily basis.  It was really a “calling out” of Christian women.  She reminded us again that we need to plan for our daily appointment with God, make it a priority, and follow through.  After all, how can we expect to win against the enemy if we have not spent time with the One who gives us the strength, courage, wisdom and power we need?

Since the February LIFT event, I have been able to follow through on Catherine’s challenge in a tangible way.  I teach a ladies’ Bible study for busy working women, and we were just getting ready to start a new series.  After hearing Catherine speak, I recommended we use her book “A Heart That Dances” as our study guide.

It’s an awesome study, calling us to intimacy with God through a regular quiet time, and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use it in our lives.

But back to LIFT.  I can assure you that the same kind of care and planning is going into this next event, the annual Directors’ Retreat.  If you have not yet registered, please do so today.  Give yourself the gift of time away from your busy schedule to refocus your vision and connect with other ministry leaders around the valley.

I hope to see you there on Friday, March 11.


Deborah Barber

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