Dear Friends of Lift,

Have you been enjoying these wonderful, refreshing days of summer monsoons?  In the mountains of Arizona where I live the summer rains have been showing up nearly every afternoon–washing the trees, cooling the air, refreshing us with the moisture and breezes that are a delightful respite to an Arizona summer.

And next week we have an opportunity for spiritual refreshment as well.  I hope you’ve made plans to attend LIFT’s annual Summer Refresher.

Acts 3:19 talks about the “times of refreshment” that will come from the presence of the Lord.  I promise you, there will also be times of refreshment that come from the gathering of women who join together next week to encourage and LIFT each other up in ministry.

Will you be there to enjoy the cool breezes Joan Webb and the LIFT team have planned to refresh your spirit?  Check it out here.  Summer Refresher  Today is the last day to register.



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